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1. Do you charge upfront agency/admin fees?

No, we are Landlords and do not charge an agency/admin fees.

2. Does the rent include bills?

It varies from property to property. In most cases, we will include the council tax payment in the rent you pay us, as we are legally responsible for this payment. If a utility bill is included in your bills, it will be based on a fair usage policy. This policy accounts for reasonable average use of the utilities based on the number of people in the property. If for example, the gas central heating is on all day & night, once the fair usage limit has been reached, all the home sharers will be asked to contribute to the surplus use.

3. If the bills are not included in the rent, who organises them?

Each homeshareuk.com home has a Head Of House appointed for a 12 month term from one of the existing Home Sharers (either by selection or preference). The Head Of House will organise the bills and be your main point of contact with homeshareuk.com. The Head Of House will help you resolve any issues relating to your tenancy. If your Head Of House cannot help, then please feel free to contact us directly at info@homeshareuk.com

4. What is the Winter Fuel Supplement?

This is a small additional cost to cover the higher utility bills during October to March. It only applies to contracts that include all bills.

5. How much is the Deposit/What is the Damage Insurance Guarantee?

We don't hold a Deposit as such, but instead we offer a one off non refundable Damage Insurance Guarantee based on and valid for the length of your proposed tenancy. This covers you for 4 incidents of minor damage (less than £50 replacement cost) such as broken crockery, lost cutlery, burnt pans, scuffed walls etc. This Guarantee is between £59 for an 12 month contract, £79 for a 6 month contract and £99 for a less than 6 month contract.

6. Why do I pay the Last Months Licence Fee upfront?

The Last Months Licence Fee ensures that your rental payments are always up to date and avoids us having to hold a deposit and avoids you having to wait for your deposit to be returned at the end of your Agreed Term. When you reach your last month, you have nothing to pay and you simply cancel your Standing Order.

7. I am unsure as to how long I will stay at the property as my job is based on a trial period. What is the best contract to take?

We offer flexible contract lengths and Non Standard contracts as well as Seamless Replacement Contracts which allow you to move out at any time, so long as you find a suitable replacement. A small charge of £29 is applied to Non Standard contract end dates and short term trial contract of 6 months or less. This type of contract will suit those who cannot commit to a specific period at the property, who are on temporary contracts at work, and those who simply want the flexibility to move on at any time. Please do bear in mind that it will be your sole responsibility to find a replacement and this will require a commitment of time, albeit that we will assist you with free advertising etc. (Not Applicable October-March).

8. What happens if my circumstances change and I need to vacate the room at short notice?

If you cannot fulfill your contract length of stay you can pay an Early Termination Fee of £99 plus £10 for each unfulfilled month of your contract and you will need to refund any Special Reduction agreed at the start of your Licence. In any case you need to give at least 4 week notice.

9. What happens if somebody in the house is difficult to live with (i.e. is messy or untidy, is unsociable or rude, is noisy or disruptive, is basically a bad house mate)?

We always support house mates who are in favour of a clean & tidy, sociable house with a positive homely atmosphere. In our experience, which amounts to over 30 years in bringing people together as home sharers, its extremely rare to get a bad egg. Our letting process basically ensures the best house mates. If you do have any issues, we will sort these out in a discreet and professional manner. 

10. I would like to live in an all male/all female house. Can you guarantee this?

No, our home shares are usually mixed 50/50 girls and guys, but occasionally we've had an unfortunate guy or girl sharing with 4 or 5 people of the opposite sex!

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